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DJI Assistant Factory Parameter Hacks

howto:parameterhacks [dji.retroroms.info]

This page will talk about how to enter parameter mode in DJI assistant, to allow you to change settings in your aircraft.

WARNING: These changes are not endorsed by the manufacturer. If you decide to make these changes, you should flight test in wide open areas to understand how your aircraft performs. Manufacturer warranty may be void if you implement these changes.

Step by step - using DJI Assistant Factory Mode

  1. Download and install DJI Assistant 2
  2. edit main.js
    • OSX /Applications/Assistant.app/AppFiles
    • Windows C:\Program Files (x86)\DJI Product\DJI Assistant 2\AppFiles
    • Windows users - open it with wordpad or notepad++ (not normal notepad)
  3. Search for “openDevTools” (Ctrl F or Cmd-f)
  4. Remove the // at the start of that line
  5. Save.
  6. Open DJI assistant 2. You will see a debug window on the right
  7. Change “debug” from 0 to 1
  8. Connect your drone to your PC via USB
  9. Click your drone in dji assistant
  10. Scroll down to paramaters
  11. Edit paramaters and you are done.

Remote- Mode Switch

Parameter-Key Description Factory Value Notes
g_config_control_control_mode[1] “Switched” 8 0 = Manual Mode (GPS position and Altitude Stabilization are disabled)
1 = GPS - no noticed difference
2 = GPS - no noticed difference
3 = ATTI Mode (Altitude Stabilization)
4 = GPS mode indicated, sport mode speed for some reason
5 = GPS - no noticed difference
6 = Beginner
7 = PGPS Mode (Normal)
8 = Sport Mode
9 = FARM Mode (Altitude stabilization with RTH capability)
10 = GPS - no noticed difference
11 = GPS - no noticed difference
12 = Tripod mode
g_config_control_control_mode[2] “Normal” 7 Same notes as above
g_config_control_control_mode[0] “Tripod” 12 Same notes as above. Third position on some RCs like Mavic


Increases Sport mode performance

Parameter-Key Description Value
g_config_mode_sport_cfg_tilt_atti_range Maximum tilt(tilt=speed) 45
g_config_mode_sport_cfg_vert_vel_up Max speed you gain altitude 8
g_config_mode_sport_cfg_vert_vel_down Max speed you lose altitude -10
g_config_mode_sport_cfg_vert_acc_up Max speed you accelerate in gaining altitude 8
g_config_mode_sport_cfg_vert_acc_down Max speed you accelerate in losing altitude -10


Increases GPS mode performance

Parameter-Key Description Value
g_config_mode_normal_cfg_tilt_atti_range Maximum tilt(tilt=speed) 33
g_config_mode_normal_cfg_vert_vel_up Max speed you gain altitude 7
g_config_mode_normal_cfg_vert_vel_down Max speed you lose altitude -6
g_config_mode_normal_cfg_vert_acc_up Max speed you accelerate in gaining altitude 7
g_config_mode_normal_cfg_vert_acc_down Max speed you accelerate in losing altitude -6

Max altitude

Increases altitude

Parameter-Key Description Value
g_config_flying_limit_height_limit_enabled Enabled? Y=1/N=2 Not visible in Assistant on recent FWs 2
g_config_flying_limit_limit_height_abs_without_gps Maximum local limit with no GPS signal. 3000
g_config_flying_limit_limit_height_abs Maximum local limit. 3000
g_config_flying_limit_limit_height_rel Maximum limit relative to takeoff? 3000

Wind Notices

Removes Wind notice spam in GO App

Parameter-Key Value
g_config_air_est_big_wind_level1 25
g_config_air_est_big_wind_level2 25


Increase's range that drone will avoid objects

Parameter-Key Value
g_config_control_avoid_atti_range 23
g_config_avoid_obstacle_limit_cfg_safe_dis 3

Advanced Pilots' Mods

Seriously. Don't use these unless you know exactly what these are and what you are doing. You will break your drone.

Parameter-Key Description Value
g_config_fdi_open_fdi_open Deactivates the magnetic interference warning 0
g_config_gps_cfg_gps_enable Deactivates the GPS 0
brake_sensitive_gain changes how fast the drone brakes, default 130 ~1)

Manual mode (allows flips and barrel rolls)

Change your “Sport” mode -switch to unassisted “Manual” mode. Fly only on open-area you are confident to train on. Idle is +50% and the drone will climb if you don't respond with throttle down. This is essentially a RC-helicopter mode which traditionally have no FC/IMU and is solely defendant on pilot skill. When switching back to “Normal” mode, make sure that the drone is right way up and is not tipped over it's horizontal or vertical axis. Failing to abide this will calibrate your IMU with the drone wrong way up and it will not automatically flip over. This is a sure way to damage your drone as it will fly towards the ground. can be seen here. Inspire Inverted Crash

Parameter-Key Description Value Notes
g_config_control_control_mode[1] “Switched” 0 0 = Manual Mode (GPS position and Altitude Stabilization are disabled)
g_config_control_control_mode[2] “Normal” 7 7 = PGPS Mode (Normal)
Warning: Do not change brake_sensitive_gain = 130 to 70 like it says on some websites unless you are a very confident pilot, it takes up to 3 metres(9 feet) to stop